13 Small business ideas for beginners in india

small business for beginners in indiaToday, youngsters and teenagers of India are fascinated by Multinational corporations (MNCs) and large organizations for a better and standardized way of life. Organizations like Google and Amazon offers high-pay packages to a fresher as a result of their new and dynamic personality. They don’t simply offer high-pay packages but also they offer improved living life to their employees in workplaces. They have gaming zones in their workplaces for representatives to fresh up their mind and they also conduct staff parties in brief periods for the workers to remain in touch with other representatives and their organization.

But there are some people who do not want to work under someone and take pressure on their mind so they can start their own business. There are some of the business ideas that include small business ideas for beginners, home business ideas self-employment, side business ideas, startup business ideas in India etc

1) Blogging-

blogging is one of the startup business that can be done sitting at home only. If you are having good knowledge of a particular topic, then you must start writing your blogs immediately. It can yield a good amount and is one of the most profitable businesses.

2) Web designing-

One of the side business ideas is starting up designing websites. There are many entrepreneurs that hire a web designer to build up their websites and you will get a handsome amount for it.

3) Online tutoring-

An individual can start up his business of providing his knowledge to students online. It is one of part-time job idea where you spend just 2-3 hours in your free time.

4) Online mobile cover store-

It is a good business idea where you can start up your store that sells the mobile back cover. Everyone needs a mobile cover to protect their mobile. Nowadays it is also be considered as the most profitable businesses.

5) Interior designer consultant-

It is a home based business ideas to become an interior designer. If you have a good sense for home designs then it will be the most profitable business for you

6) Babysitter

As-as in today world parents finds it difficult to take out time form their busy schedule to take care of their baby. So they hire a babysitter for some time and pay you a good amount. It is also a part-time job idea that you may look upon.

7) Travel consultant-

Today’s generation is fond of traveling. It is one of the best self-employment idea to become a travel consultant. People are happy to pay a good amount to a travel consultant as they easily get ideas to travel anywhere in the world.

8) event and party planning-

Event and party planning include planning for events like birthdays, corporate meetings and other events also. Event and party planning are some side business ideas that are profitable businesses now a day.

9) Wedding planning-

wedding planning is a self-employment idea which requires a lot of hard work. If you have to build a good image in the market then it will make you earn a good amount of money and is one of the most profitable businesses in the world.

10) baking-

for some people baking is fun. Cooking and baking is one of the home based business ideas that will make you earn profits. Selling your baked items will make you earn money.

11)  Handmade jewelry –

this is a perfect business idea for girls. In India, Everyone likes to wear jewelry in parties and weddings. So it is a good startup business idea and the most profitable business ideas in India.

12) Computer trainer-

becoming a computer trainer is a small business idea for beginners where you can train the kids and beginners and can earn a good amount. Since every work is being done with the help of a computer, to become a computer trainer as it is also a profitable business.

13)  Youtuber-

It is one of the side business ideas that you can consider to earn money. Upload your video and as per the views, you will earn from your own youtube channel.


every business ideas are unique and have some pros and cons. It depends on an individual how he grabs those opportunities and these are some 13 small business ideas for beginners that will help you earn good profit.

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